Of the three forms of transportation, air travel is one of the most delicate as it involves a lot of risks. Some of these risks are due to elements we cannot control while others are due to negligence. In this case, the latter refers to proper maintenance of the medium of transportation, the airplane.

Indeed, airplanes need regular maintenance and it is the duty of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to keep it in airworthy conditions. Like other professions, they need an association to regulate and protect them.

The Atlantic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association is the organization tasked with the duty of regulating and protecting professional aircraft maintenance engineers. Today, we will be discussing the AAMEA.

Events Calendar

Like every other functional association, the Atlantic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association has events and actions it needs to perform during the course of the year. That’s why the site needs to clearly state information about its events and tasks to its members. This will help its associates to properly plan their schedules. The “Events Calendar” sub menu is available on the homepage and you will find information about events there.

News and Updates

As happenings in relation to the AAMEA get out, it is important that the association documents and publishes it. Some of such information may be about the successful organization and execution of a planned event, conference, seminar or training. Other times, it may be something that happened elsewhere but is related to aircraft maintenance.

Objectives and By-laws

The objectives of the AAMEA are

To promote and protect the profession of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer;

To maintain and improve representation and consultation with regulatory bodies that affect or may affect the profession of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer;

and to represent the views and objectives of the membership of the Association.

The association also promotes and develops the knowledge, skill and proficiency of the profession of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer through education, publications and research. It cooperates and associates with groups, associations and organizations on matters of mutual interest as well as to promote honorable practices among the membership and between persons in the aviation industry.

The organization also has a number of by-laws laid down to ensure that members of this organization work to meet the common objectives. You can find more information on the “objectives and by-laws” section of the website.

Training Information

Any industry that does not grow will definitely become stagnant. Well, the AAEMA is not a stagnant organization. In line with its objective to develop the skill, knowledge and practice of its members, the AAMEA regularly organizes training for its members.

This training is not only for new members or engineers. Old or working engineers are also subjected to retraining. This is so that they can stay up to date with the current aircraft maintenance practices.

AME Associations

The AAMEA (Atlantic Aircraft Engineers Association) is one of the many associations of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME). The Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association (CAEMA) is another association of the AME. As a matter of fact, there are AME associations almost everywhere.

The “AME Association” section gives you all the necessary information you need to know. Check it out if you want to find out more information about the AME in your country or if you want to register but do not know if the association is in your country. All answers are available in just a click away.


Good works and actions usually get rewarded. In lieu of that Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are recognized for their good works and efforts from time to time. There is also a need to document these recognitions. On this website, it is archived under the “awards” section.

It would have been documented in the “news and updates” section alone but it might be difficult to find because of the volume of information present in that section. Just in case you see information on the award section twice, the reason stated above makes things clearer.

Contact Us

As always, people will definitely have questions that need to be answered and complaints that need resolving. This is why we created the “contact us” section of the website to cover these purposes.

You can click on this section of the homepage to contact us, lay your complaint, make a request or inquiry. You can also provide us with information you believe will be important. Our website can proudly boast of a friendly user interface.

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